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Ecem Keskin
Ecem Keskin


Director of Product Design at @JotForm • User Experience Designer •

illustration, interaction design, product design, user experience (ux)

  1. Coming Soon! - JotForm Tables meeting calendar events chart reports tools collection multiple select data database spreadsheet gird jotform tables
  2. Custom date picker year yearly monthly weekly calendar component date component modal component dates between dates date selector calendar datepicker date range date picker
  3. Modal Design - Import data concept design app detailed modal details tabs spreadsheet excel sheet link relations connect link upload file upload import data import modal modal design activity activity feed component
  4. Modal Design - add element action select state tab ui tabs textbook textbox textarea checkbox colorful icons steps element list form question list item list list add component element activity feed activity
  5. Yo! after effects looped expression face expression hiphop rap eminem rappers purple loop character design ui animation interaction basic vector illustration cool rapper gif
  6. Concept Design - Activity History modal design calendar filter data visulization data ui activity feed version version control revision history lists tasks users collaboration entry notification center notifications activity activity history
  7. Components modal design grid table spreadsheet dropdown crm details slack mailchimp gmail email contacts emails create lists integrations tags advanced search
  8. Advanced Search and Filter modal design spreadsheet filter data data set data segment apply filter or and start rating feature ui app modal component datepicker tags advanced search filter search
  9. Informative Modal Design doc gif loading gif loading filter data group sort filter search encyription decyption component modal ui ux ui modals health hipaa modal modal design information modal
  10. Picture of a Girl animations blog editorial illustration animation zoom in zoom out app social app social media like illustration art phone on hand mobile scrolling car girl adobe xd illustration looped gif gif
  11. CREATE A FORM MODAL component progressive web app ux progressbar steps jotform form builder import theme ui kit modal box create modal gallery templates blank form
  12. Form Templates Gallery editorial blog document colorful ux ui styleguide styles variations select form templates form gallery forms component illustration placeholder gallery templates
  13. Color Variations cat and bird bird illustration cat illustration patern colorful color varations illustration
  14. Know Your Audience integration rating star poll feedback survey question landing answer form submission response
  15. Light quarantine editorial hands textured texture hand drawn procreate editorial art redhead light girl design illustration
  16. Good Fellas! modern pattern pattern friendship friends good friends good fellas cat and bird illustration procreate gif
  17. Summer bikini swing sea illustration sea scene sea sun summer summer illustration forest girl illustrator procreateapp procreate
  18. Jealousy procreateapp procreate design editorial girl ballerina bale girls illustration illustration
  19. Pray to the Hygiene God waves tattoos 2020 illustration animation tattoo washyourhands soap praying hands praying gif animation gif coronavirus covid-19
  20. white cat new newandnotworthy grumphy cat spritual animal love nature jungle forest texture brush work art editorial design cat illustration night illustration cat tree digitalart procreate illustration
  21. Red Kimono procreate japanese kimono woman view landscapes mountains lake flying fishes fish illustration
  22. Notification Center modal component help support team podo response upgrade feature stripe animation page interaction app form illustration notification center navigation notification
  23. Appointment Slot component illustration jotform submission data response form weekly schedule schedule events meeting google calendar calendar appointments
  24. Women support users family members team ux homepage cover landing header image editorial blog illustration girls woman powerful women women
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